Introducing Protected Parking

Monetise Your Brand Typos

Zero-click navigation to the brand’s site…
with the brand owner’s permission

Branded Traffic Specialists

Our securelong-lasting advertiser relationships means a stable revenue stream at high levels, outlasting and outperforming alternative platforms by up to 400%. With an emphasis on brand traffic, we work with over 300 advertisers in the US and UK, across a wide variety of verticals.

Seamless Integration

Monetising your traffic Protected Parking is quickeasy and hassle-free. Integrate with our API for real-time bidding or use our simple HTTP redirect solution… and our reporting tools are just as flexible. Whatever your set-up, we can provide a solution to match your portfolio’s requirements.

Expert Knowledge

With feet firmly in both the advertising and domaining world, enabling us to act as a bridge between the two, we can ensure our domainers benefit from our strong connections and preferential commission rates.

“With Protected Parking I’m seeing consistently high RPMs across all of our brand traffic – month after month”

Jim, 100+ domains parked with PP